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In its pursuit of truly authentic photographic textures, Panasonic has long sought after the ideal lens. As a result, Panasonic created the world's first optical image stabilization lens for a tiny digital camera and created a method for mass manufacturing aspherical lenses, which provide superb images and a small size. It's also why Panasonic is well-known for the quality of its lenses as well as the cutting-edge technology it employs in their development as well as testing.

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Fewer lenses, better picture quality
Aspherical lenses, which effectively eradicate lens aberration to provide high image quality while minimizing size and weight, are a common feature of LUMIX lenses. Since an aspherical lens duplicates the effects produced by multiple spherical lenses, it is possible to create higher-quality images with fewer lenses. The entire size as well as weight are thereby minimized.

Highest Levels of Quality Control
To test aspherical lenses, Panasonic developed the Ultra-Accurate 3D Profilometer, which is now used by many optical device makers.

Multi Coating Process
In addition to accurately controlling the reflectance for the principal wavelengths, the coating on Multi Coating Process LUMIX lenses reduces the reflection of light approaching at a certain angle. This technique is widely used to coat lenses with a small radius of curvature, such as those seen in fisheye as well as ultra-wide-angle lenses. The depiction of the image performs noticeably better while shooting into a light source.

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Aside from what we just spoke about, Panasonic's state-of-the-art optical technology creates very bright lenses. Even in poor light or with fast shutter speeds to stop moving objects, these lenses produce incredibly crisp images. Isn't that fantastic?

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