Canon Lens

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Canon creates lenses that have a great deal of edge-to-edge sharpness, minimum distortion, realistic color, and contrast. Canon employs cutting-edge optical, microelectronic, and precision manufacturing technologies to accomplish these goals. The end result is a line of products that are widely regarded as establishing benchmarks for both image and lens performance in addition to quality of manufacturing.

What Makes Canon Camera Lens in the USA a True Market Leader?

Canon L-series lenses
The "L" series includes Canon's premium lenses. Canon's L-series lenses, which are unmatched in terms of both picture quality and attention to design detail, are identifiable by the striking red line that borders the front of the lens barrel.

The EF-series lenses
A "II" lenses are the most recent Canon EF-series lenses. These lenses have anti-reflective barrel surfaces and enhanced weather resistance while maintaining a similar optical quality to their non-II predecessors.

Molded glass aspheric lens
For pricey interchangeable lenses and contemporary point-and-shoot cameras, Canon also produces molded glass aspheric lens components. Molded into UV-hardened resin surfaces is how aspheric surfaces are created.

Macro lenses
Canon also has one of the largest selections of macro lenses, which can magnify objects up to five times their original size in order to view every little nuance.

Tilt-shift TS-E Canon lenses
DSLR photographers now have the choice of tilt-and-shift functions which were previously only available on larger-format view cameras when using Canon TS-E tilt-shift lenses to capture projects like architecture, design, and products.

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